Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Bleachers were common in gardens 2-3 decades ago. Now? Not so much. Cinder blocks with 2" x 6" boards were typical. Pure, undiluted salvage also. Too stark? Stain your bleachers a faded green ,or some such color, from Benjamin Moore or Farrow & Ball.
Garden & Be Well XO Tara
These bleachers, above, are perfection. Terra cotta theme, vines, and resplendent rain butt. Lotta lush in teeny/tiny space. Found pic via WSJ Magazine.


Samual said...

This is really charming.Color is very important for landscaper design. Color can add drama to your landscape, or inspire a feeling of relaxation.

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

LOVE! Yesssirrreeee, this look speaks to me: a jumble of greenery, messy in just the perfect way & divine!

Terry said...

Good stuff. There must me an official French name for garden bleachers.

Visual Vamp said...

I use old steps for my herbs.
Didn't know they had a name ha ha,
Bleachers. Who knew? You did!
xo xo

Brenda Kula said...

The simple solutions are usually best. After all, it's the plants everyone will be looking at.

Domestic Bliss said...

Tara, You are killing me with all these ideas! The little gray cells are in full throttle. My Grandmother had bleechers - I never appreciated them until now.

Gotta go... I think There are some concrete blocks in the back yard!

Have a wonderful first day of Autumn.