Monday, June 21, 2010


Furniture on gravel? Easy. Discovered Italian heavy-weight terra cotta pots/saucers at the Ace Hardware in Douglasville, GA. Saw the 'same' pots at Wal-Mart yesterday. Tags said, Made In America. They were sooooooo lightweight.
Terra Cotta with fine particles is heavier and less prone to freeze damage. Not immune, but lasts much longer.
Douglasville Ace? Bought dozens of terra cotta pots/saucers at their 1/2 price sale.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Pic taken in Susanne Hudson's conservatory last month.


BWS said...

This frugal quality of yours is really appealing.

Babs said...

Tara, Great idea of little saucers under the chair legs.
Thanks for the tip... I'll check out those terra cotta pots. Glad to know they're made in America and light weight.

Christine B. said...

I've got most of my outdoor furniture on gravel but haven't found much adjustment necessary. Of course, my furniture is much less delicate (think clunky) and doesn't sink in.

If I have a problem, I'll try your saucer trick though.

Christine in Alaska