Saturday, March 20, 2010


Who knew you could fall in love with an EYEBROW WINDOW? Dating COLLEGE BOY I fell hard for his family lake house, above-below. EYEBROW WINDOWs front/back. Tiny. Both in the same room.
Look closely, above, the EYEBROW WINDOW is tiny, but it's there!

The French Touch posted this pic, above, recently. Ha, I totally understand the love of roofing & EYEBROW WINDOWs.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Couldn't find the web address for The French Touch & pic above. If anyone knows let me know I'll place the link. Thanks.


La Petite Gallery said...

Tara, you read my mind.. My cousin is an Architect, studyed in Pratt
He was up here from Kent Conn. and when he heard I was building a new house he drew up some plans. Much more than I could afford. He talked about an eye brow window.

Now I see what it is. Wish I had one soo cute. yvonne

sinnlighet said...

Your blog ..... it's amazing and soooo inspiring. Nice to find you!

A small footprint from Agneta & Sweden

Ps. I have an ongoing jewelry contest on my blog. Welcome! Ds

Maria Killam said...

It's adorable! Love it!

Devon said...

It's so true--I have many ex-boyfriends. I remember some of them by their family houses vs. their personalities. Oh, such great memories of those houses! Made it worth dating the boys. ;)