Friday, July 24, 2009


Almost a century and its architecture survives. Can you tell this home was enlarged? Of course not, URBAN PLANNER loves the history of her home. Ochre-with-hints-of-chartreuse paint matches a brick selection. Light fixture? Original.
Door, above, & all the hardware? Original.

Vanishing Threshold with the curtains. Broad sweep at one and traditional at another. Why Vanishing Threshold? Because those curtains make me want to go inside.

Pots, above, are diversions.

I don't even want to know the thought processes, above, placing the meter.

Path & driveway were redone. Path to the front door was chosen to match stones on the home. A loose-gravel-look for the drive. Lending character & age vs. a disgusting bright white plain concrete drive.
Along the drive, above, pressure washed stone/brick. Don't you think this looks like a home in Europe?

Simple gas lantern. Not large or fancy. Perfection. In character & integrity with the home.
Want a surprise? This is the front of the house, posted yesterday, with the urban chicken coop & honey bees.
URBAN PLANNER called me to consult about their new mailbox. Original stones & bricks are available. She found art glass to create a mosaic for the numbers. We discussed placement of the mailbox (driveway-utility pole-fire hydrant-sidewalk are petty tyrants, ugh) and style.
Constraints made mailbox placement easy. Architecture & era of the house made a style choice easy. Choose a cross of Mission, Art & Crafts, Art Nouveau.
Can't wait to see the results.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


Terry said...

I can't get a grasp on the whole front yard from the street. It's really good on the eyes. The stone gable thing is very unusual. I'd like a bigger lantern over the door and a bigger street lamp but I can't see the whole picture.

I think the city or wherever the house is controls where the meter goes. They moved our to the front of the house. I painted it to match. They come once in a while to repaint it gray and not a very good job of it.

Cote de Texas said...

What a charming house! I love the trim color!! wonderful.