Thursday, June 25, 2009


How did the hydrangeas KNOW where to grow? This is not a 'styled' picture. It's viewed thru my kitchen & bedroom windows.
When it comes to focal points, just-let-it-touch. What bench, statue, urn, birdbath isn't improved with a hint of foliage just touching?
Shooting hydrangeas and seeing the table legs from a new angle, below. The legs have a slight curve from top to bottom, reeking of the 1950's. Aside from being a diminutive rectangular shape, perfection, I had to have those legs.

And the glass top with more hydrangea blossoms underneath. A hydrangea carpet!!!

And the blue/white ginger jar? It's a traditional Chinese wedding gift. The writing says, 'Double Happiness'. Of course I didn't know that when I bought it at the thrift store for $3.
Notes: Square or rectangular patio tables are the best, round tables aren't as flexible in usage. A pair of square tables can be used separately or pulled together for larger gatherings. If you find an old iron patio table, as above, don't worry that it doesn't have chairs. Find comfortable chairs or benches of wood or metal and paint them all the same color. The French have been doing this for centuries. Place an arbor over your table with a ceiling fan to keep mosquitoes away. ENJOY.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


Devon said...

You are my gardening guru. Great point on the table shape. We have two round tables and it's been frustrating. I never thought of the square vs. round shape before and it makes absolutely perfect sense. Thanks, as always, for your great insight!!

NellJean said...

Maybe the Hydrangeas have an unseen coach telling them where to grow. I often see results of an unseen hand in my own garden.

Southern Aspirations said...

Tara, I am SO THRILLED to pieces to find your blog! I took Southern Gardening from you at the Botanical Garden a few years ago and you have instilled in me a deep passion for gardening. Thank you so much! I will be visiting here often!