Friday, June 26, 2009


For my landscape ( & sanity) the Feng Shui of the kitchen must change. Kitchen counters form an 'L' blocking easy access to the backdoor & garden. Disliked, strongly, for years it's now unbearable. Changing the kitchen will change my life. Bold? No. Energy must flow easily, vanishing threshold.
The stupid kitchen counter can't block me from my garden anymore. How's that for a mission statement?
It's ridiculous what's involved removing 4.5' of kitchen counter:
* Replacing the floor
* Replacing old appliances
* New counter tops
* New sink (I like the one above)
* Reconfiguring the ceiling
* Painting
* New light fixtures
Timeline for action is winter. I've begun getting quotes & sourcing materials.
Garden clubs, occasionally, meet in my garden for a lecture, tour & box lunch. But I haven't sought greater numbers. Why? The ridiculous kitchen.
It's time to live my vanishing threshold; house, garden, life.
Sink, above, from House Beautiful magazine, I think.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


Sheila said...

Good luck, you sound determined!

VPS said...

Not quite certain what you want to remove: the counter to the right of the sink?

Love reading your blogs - - - I think this is the first I've responded too, though.

Can't wait to try Tara Turf at our new place: an old Texas dogtrot farmhouse in the woods!