Sunday, June 14, 2009


Cat-Cat was found lying dead yesterday afternoon. Cause of death, a long good life. Mostly feral, a neighbor moved away over a decade ago leaving Cat-Cat to her own devices. Cat-Cat quickly directed me & COLLEGE BOY in the proper care & feeding she required. We believe her to have been 15-18 years old. Cat-Cat was not a cat to pet, no petting this girl, nor to be ignored when her wishes were not being met.
Until she was found dead Cat-Cat thoroughly enjoyed her domain: talking loudly, walking with purpose, jumping on her favorite table, lying in the late evening sun in her potager, eating with vigor. And keeping me company in the garden.
The picture above is the garden now, bereft & lonely without Cat-Cat.
Grief for a pet is really tough for me. I did take a single liberty with Cat-Cat before she was laid to rest. I stroked her back. For the first time. A delight through my tears.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


natalie4b said...

so sorry about you beloved cat.
I know your garden will not be the same without her...

Terry said...

Cat-Cat R.I.P. Is her something about cats and gardens? Cats and gardeners?

A couple of weeks ago I peaked into the back lot of a local garden center. They were putting out huge quantities of food, feeding feral cats, they said at least 30 of them.

Sharon Stanley Ruggerio said...

You wrote a sweet, lovely eulogy for Cat-Cat. She chose her friends wisely.
These little souls bring so much to those people who are willing to offer them a helping hand in an often cruel world. For many years, I have been the caretaker for abandoned cats in my neighborhood....they just seem to know where to go for food, safety, shelter, and medical care. Like Cat-Cat, some are quite independent, others are fearful after being scarred by the abuse of humans, and some joyfully welcome your touch. All different, but all needing kindness.
You and Cat-Cat were privileged to share a precious gift.

Sharon Stanley Ruggerio

Vickie H. said...

What a lovely piece on your beloved Cat-Cat! Thank you and RIP, dear Cat-Cat! she was very lucky to have you to look after her for so long.


Gail said...

Thank you for giving Cat-cat a 2nd chance at live after being abandoned. As my great uncle would say you'll get "stars in your crown" in heaven for your faithful care of this cat.

penelopebianchi said...

what a lovely tribute to that kitty!

Oh I hope you will go to the shelter and get another!
(not a kitten!) There are so many friendly and wonderful cats to be rescued!

By the way; the way they behave in the pen; is the way they will behave. I found a calico at the shelter that was reaching out trying to touch me! Friendliest kitty!
She was on "death row"! Best cat ever!

I hope you will!!!