Thursday, May 28, 2009


Designing landscapes to light interiors came later. Not in college, or studies abroad. Simply living. Realizing garden light throughout any day, any weather became necessary to serenity. Adoring how the light of sunny days, rainy days, sunrise, humid late afternoons, fall sunsets, and 100's more configurations touch my furniture, art, books, cats and me. Natural morning light, no camera flash, above. Thought you would like to peep inside my home.
Afternoon light streaming into my office landing on Laskett.

Petunia in my office by lamplight before a winter's sunrise. I adore the transition from dark to dawn to sunrise to daylight. Dark, when lamps are on in the morning knowing, soon, my garden will awaken around me.
Some days seeing the landscape, from inside, as chiaroscuro. Walking outside in my gown during those few seconds of magic. Being greedy, wanting a magical gloaming on the same day.
Nobody tells you these things about a landscape. They imbue you with a desire for its light.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

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VPS said...

I too, love natural light photography.

When we were house hunting, "good windows with good light" was the number 1 requirement on my list. The 2nd was that it must have at least two bathrooms!

Loved taking a peek into your home!