Saturday, March 28, 2009


EXTERIOR WALLS SHOULD BE 3-D IN AREAS. A wall fountain, a birdhouse, exquisite shutters, espaliered plants, a vine, art. Whatever ties in with your interior design. Low maintenance, above, means don't plant the pots.
* In the 1/2 face use an artful arrangement of pine cones + Spanish moss.
* Put a bonnet on the woman with an arrangement of dried hydrangeas + spike of dried
butterfly bush blossom.
* Give the bearded man a circa 1960's NASA crew cut of clipped twigs from a nearby tree.
You get the idea. I'm curious what you've come up with.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your visit. I enjoyed reading your comments. I have been doing this here where we live for the past 47 years and it still would not win any human awards. Right now I have it planted with things that don't need any maintenance and grows on their own. I am adding some dwarf bamboo in three places to give something different to our community. I hope it works.

I have a new blog called gobsmacks. And some wild cats there today that are sorta funny.

Tara Dillard said...

Every word enticing. Off to your blog now.
XO Tara

Bren said...

I love your header to your blog. IT is very inviting. Those planters are amazing! I look forward to the spring at your blog!

Town Mouse said...

I agree that it's great to have some 3-d elements on walls and fences, but I'm not sure I like the dried flowers, twigs, & pine cones approach. Why not plant something alive? Or paint the pots some weird colors. Or have your kids put stickies on them. Or add plastic frogs and lizards (if you're going to be tacky, might as well go all the way...)Have fun.