Wednesday, March 11, 2009


A 1910 B&B in Highlands, NC. I designed the landscape yesterday. Vanishing threshold with furniture choices, paint colors, summer house, stone paths, and more. Highlands is at 4118 feet. No need for air-conditioning. Ever.

I'm shameless about requesting lunch. We ate outside overlooking the Allee.

Breakfast room and many others overlook the Allee too.

Details, below. Calming.........

Rebuilding the porch, below, the way it was originally built.

Overlooking the Allee & designing, below. (I'm not that fat, I have on 3 shirts.) The hat is crushable & 100% uva-b proof from San Diego hat company.

Rooms are on 3 floors of the B & B

All rooms are en suite as ads in England like to say about having a private bath.

Above, this room had my favorite bathroom with a clawfoot tub overlooking the ALLEE.

Each room unique.

The floors, below. Such integrity.

Still in my pink toenail phase. Who can pass up pink toenail mojo???

Owners, Rick & Helene, of 4 1/2 Street Inn, are DIY. I can't wait to see their landscape & vanishing threshold unfold over the next 2 years.
4 1/2 Street Inn is in the Blue Ridge mountains,aka, Great Smoky Mountains & the Appalachians.
The Bartram Trail, yes the William Bartram, naturalist, passed near the Inn as did De Soto. The Nantahala National Forest is here too.
Growing up on Galveston Bay I only knew a climate that was an assault. In Highlands the air is soft and nurturing. An attraction since first going there in 1981.
Rick said, This is a healing place.
I wonder if it's The Power of Intention left from the Indians...............?
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

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Creative Country Mom said...

Lovely...when can I come visit? Great post....Brooke