Thursday, March 26, 2009


Look closely. A pair of picnic tables create this dining room. Design for any budget.
Why is this garden room inviting?
* Timeless
* Speaks, Welcome, without words
* A shady respite
* Seating
* Complete room: (ceiling) canopy & understory trees, (walls) of shrubs in contrasting foliage
colors/sizes, (flooring) of gravel
* Works for one or a group
* Outdoor ceiling fans on 6"x6" posts can be added to keep mosquitoes away
* Copied, it will be unique at each site
* Not too big, not too small
* Low maintenance
* Can't find matching tables or chairs? Copy the French: paint or stain everything the same color

Pic from Velvet & Linen

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Creative Country Mom said...

Nice idea. I am so ready to move to the outdoor table. We have 2 dining areas one on my deck under a awning and one by our firepit.
You can never have enough!