Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Easiest Pot Watering

Part of my mission statement, looking out my windows, ".......Oh WOW.........."  Not, "I must go get that done."
Wouldn't want to water these pots, below.  Could never leave town.
Drip irrigation.  Nor do I want to see drip irrigation tubing.  Easy, thread the tubing up the pots, from the bottom drain hole. 
If the pots are by the pool, line the pot with landscape fabric, ahead of placing soil in the pot.  Less staining on the hardscape.

Habitually Chic® » Valentino’s Villa La Vagnola is For Sale
Pic, above, here.
At the front end of gardening, these gardens, above, were ridiculous, awful & boring, knew it for sure.
Now, these gardens, above, are smart, modern, playful, even better, useful upon myriad layers.
Perhaps you already knew, this is Valentino's garden, above.  Smart man, nothing in the garden is original, instead, centuries old. 
Not in your budget, above?  Don't fall for that thinking.  Too small.
Canopy, understory, floors, & pots arrive at all price points, free to extravagant.
Amusing, remembering my first thoughts, years, about these gardens, above.  Who was that person?
"Talent hits a target others can’t hit. Genius hits a target others can’t even see."
– Schopenhauer
Genius, above, was designed by truly great minds, Valentino saw it, finally, I saw it.  Hope you do too.  If you don't, at least hang on to the genius of others, maybe you'll see it in time.
Then arrives another layer of genius.  And one of the first Garden Design principles.  COPY .
Garden & Be Well,   XOT


Penelope Bianchi said...

Hi Tara! I am such a fan of yours! I love love love these pots! I have many of my mothers....

But, for the first time in 20 years or something, I disagree about something!

I would much prefer "tara turf" to this dumb lawn. Then the bees, the birds, nature would benefit. Nothing benefits with dumb dumb dumb lawn. And it takes all kinds of terrible stuff to keep it looking perfect like this. Dumb.

Tara turf! YES!!!!

Jacinta Arnold said...

Love this!
So good when you provide a picture of the low budget imagining.
No doubt you are time poor.
Treasure every post from you.

lisa douglas said...

Tara, I love this garden with both ease and affordable extravagance in the design. Our garden pots, we learned of them when you spoke at Colonial Williamsburg, are frost proof, hand thrown which makes them cheaper in the long run.