Monday, February 19, 2018

How to Take Charge of Your Flowering Containers

Give the Button Top pot a go this year.
No need to go fancy a simple holly will suffice.  Perhaps a groundcover conifer, pruned into the Button Top.
Why are Button Top pots rare?
Not into the Button Top?  Rocket Top?  Square Top?  Square With a Button....  Play.
This garden, below, a Garden Design course in a single photo.
Flow, canopy, understory, groundcovers, walls, entry ways, color all year, low maintenance, insect/disease resistant, deer proof, drought proof, maximum pollinator habitat, contrasting textures, contrasting colors, focal points, seasonal focal points. 

Pic, above, here.
Wish I could swoop this pair to my garden.
Garden & Be Well,    XO T


The Have-More Daughter said...

Absolutely love the simplicity. Checks all the boxes!

David Cristiani said...

This is really simple and appealing.

Here where no moss, lichens, or algae add a patina to containers (but the sun bleaches most any color), you would have green and white, plus some black in the shadows as your color trinity.