Friday, October 6, 2017

Front Door

Arriving to the open front door, below, I knew we had chosen well.  The screen door view, marvelous.   

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With the screen door open, below. 

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Ca. 1880 home on the shore of Bar Harbor, Maine. 
With good weather the front door and French doors were left open all day.  Bedroom windows were open too, upstairs/downstairs.  Air off the Atlantic ocean a few yards away, a drug swirling throughout the house.
This space, at your front door, a work horse.  Thru the years I've had a few clients with the perfect foyer, excepting natural light.  Into my Garden Design goes their glass door, matching the existing front door, with glass panels, below.  We source the door, and our carpenter puts in the glass.
Content in a Cottage
Pic, above, here.
Garden & Be Well,    XO T
Staying at Shore Path Cottage, top pics, discovered, leaving, it is next door to the home Beatrix Farrand lived in.


Dewena said...

Are you staying there, Tara? If so, how marvelous indeed! "Air off the Atlantic ocean...swirling throughout the house." Heavenly.

Kay said...


Unknown said...

Those entrances are fabulous! My last place had a wonderful entrance, this new place nice in a different way. Both are beloved, both made me happy.
Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

Vickie H. said...

WOW! That is wonderful!!!

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