Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Color: Counterintuitive Paint Trim

Happy charmer, below.  Makes me want to go inside. 
See a change, an easy change too, making the roof higher and house taller?
Once I tell you the change, you won't believe me.
But, true nonetheless.

Front door paint colour in green. Curb appeal with blue siding #colorhunters #curbappeal
Pic, above, here.
Paint the trim at roof line, a tone darker than the siding or a darker tone from the roofing material.  Seems counterintuitive.
White jumps forward, and pulls down, at roof line.  Darker tones heighten a home by a 1', or more.  Promise.
Can't finish without mentioning the 'Welcome' sign.  Banal.  Dinky is Stinky.
Especially here.  The front door is screaming 'Welcome !' with incredible class & elegance.  Why diminish that impact?
Be wary putting words into your garden.  Can be done well, but with care.
Favorite sign in a garden?  Tea Room & Toilets .
Garden & Be Well,    XO T
More rabbit holes in this photo.  Those delicious lights, too perfect.  But, that is gardening.  Layers of delight here.


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I agree keep SIGNAGE to A NEED!!!!!!!

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