Thursday, August 31, 2017

Stone & Flow Garden Design

Macro: Islands in the gravel, no edges.  Meandering flow, as if the gravel were water.
Micro: Small space, high function, drifts of plantings make the space 'larger' axis views into beauty from the home.
Crazy: Using green-meatballs and I like them.

Australian Landscape Conference 2013  -  (Honestly, I detest topiary balls....but for some reason, I like this space.  Well done!)
Pic, above, here.
Garden Design Class, above, in a single pic.  Color echoes a delight, furniture choices/materials perfect.
Garden & Be Well,    XOT
Thank you for continued calls, texts, emails about Harvey in Houston.  Mom is dry, kept her power, worst damage are fronds from her palm trees fell.  She said they needed pruning anyway.  Many homes in her neighborhood flooded.  Sister still evacuated, home is dry, and a scare this morning with new mandatory evacuations placed on her neighborhood.  Put her address into the interactive map, she's 4 blocks away.  Hundreds of homes already flooded in her neighborhood, ahead of this new mandatory evacuation.  Keeping hope, she too stays dry.  Prayers for all, people/pets/wildlife/livestock, affected by Harvey.


La Contessa said...


David Cristiani said...

Great view, and it must be someone enlightened to get there's no need for an edge! Like you say on the shrub balls, they do work here and more and more, I like some of this even in desert gardens.

Dewena said...

I was so glad to read that your mother is safe and I hope that your sister's home escaped the flood.

My sisters live in Orlando and our mother is in a nursing home there. Our daughter and her husband are in Ponte Vedra Beach. All are waiting until tomorrow or Friday to know whether to evacuate.

I wish they would all move to Tennessee!