Monday, August 21, 2017

Managing Ugly

For decades, at the front end of a design, a singular object has stood ready to go to the thrift store.  Yet remains, a scene stealing debacle of ugly.
Most often the quick maneuver is to place it beside a seating group, as a large end table.
You know what I'm talking about now, yes?

Hudson Residence by John B. Murray Architect
Pic, above, here.
The large round table.  I know why they stay well beyond their past due date.  Not easy to get a large round table into a vehicle to tote to thrift store, awkward to tote to end of drive for garbage day.  Hoping of course your trash is someone else's treasure before the garbage man arrives.
A round ugly table, draped with cloth, a winner.  Go team.  Great contrast, above, draped table, and stone table.  Iron chairs with rattan/wicker.
Completely outside?  I know the cloth will rot, it has a healthy couple of years before dying.  During the 80's a not-brilliant wholesale grower use a type of burlap infused with plastic.  Discovery only made years later, when plants began dying, unable to break thru their plasticized burlap root ball.  Quite sad.  However, that plasticized burlap would be perfect outside over any ugly table.  Oh, to find it now.
Garden & Be Well,   XOT


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sandy lu said...

You-the CLEVER easy beautiful landscape gal!

Penelope Bianchi said...

No Tara! First time I have ever found you wrong!
Same reason the plastic burlap strangled the would be bad for the tablecloth. Would never breathe nor have patina! Don't look nor long for the plastic burlap.
Let the burlap weather. Patina.....when it falls apart. Replace. very very not expensive. Pennies.

Brava to you!