Thursday, August 17, 2017

Layers of Nuance in a Stone Wall

Perhaps for a party, below, the pair of potted hydrangeas?  Love of hydrangeas, past president of the American Hydrangea Society, here, the beauty of meadow, woodland, and sloping hills are too great, to me, to stop the eye with potted hydrangeas.
Well before these thoughts, there was conversation, deeper, about how to cap the stone wall at entry to meadow-woodland-sloping hills.  Did you already notice that delightful, well constructed, expert nuance?  More, the strong choice made.  Beyond subtle, yet their minds didn't stop with the cap on the wall.
Did you see that too?  I'll go slow.  Wanting your eyes/brain/heart to see, on its own.

Content in a Cottage
Pic, above, here.
Hope it sails a thousand ships.
Quite a sure hand with stone capping, all at the same height.  Yet the crescendo accelerates.  Imperceptibly, the pair of hydrangeas rest upon stone 'columns'.  Notice their slight corners blending into the wall?
Well done.
Garden & Be Well,   XOT


La Contessa said...

FABULOUS.............NOW A FEW SHEEP and I would make THAT HOME!

marta maghiar said...

Wow! Beautifullll!