Friday, August 4, 2017

Garden Design Layer: Wonk

Perfect settings are a delight, think Carolyne Roehm, but the every day do for myself must have a touch of wonk.  No, that's too narrow, I put wonk into every Garden Design.  Specializing in creating new historic Garden Designs, wonk is a layer of narrative.  A given.
What is wonk?  Most often wonk is completely je ne c'est pas.  Wonk arrives to you, a gift.  Once wonk arrives, like love, you'll know.  Become a fertile pasture, wonk arrives as the honey bees do in South Georgia.
A new wonk, below.
Love me some new wonk.  Plonk that tree on the table.

Rustic and Reclaimed. Leila Lindholm - Leila Lindholm
Pic, above, here.
Made my first bonafide roux last nite.  The house is still swimming in its perfect dark dark brown fragrance early this morning.  My hair too.  Heaven.  I can smell the kitchen, above, it's last night's wild caught South Carolina shrimp etouffee made without a recipe.  A meal from my previous life, and apparently I paid attention.  Beloved paid attention, eating speaks louder than words.  Few leftovers, and I cooked enough for all the dishes set on the table, above.  
This trinity of wonk, above, potted tree/cut wildflowers/nursery herbs, set onto the harvest table, already embedded into my Garden Design DNA.
Garden & Be Well,   XO T  


Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

Tara, I do adore that table setting and cozy, quaint and packed full of charm! Changes in my life and I thank you for caring...bless you!

Penelope Bianchi said...

Tara......I mean it. You have to google......Lotusland.....and see.

Are you kidding.....??? "WONK"!! PERSONIFIED! ON A LARGE SCALE!

You simply must come!!!


David Cristiani said...

Sounds tasty; my ex learned to make a roux from one of my sisters, though I never picked up on that. But I like cooking and do fairly well. The harvest table and different chairs is better than I often see, maybe it's the potted olive tree!