Saturday, July 15, 2017

Sighting A Hedge for Screening

Hiding a view, the closer your plantings the faster the hiding.
Neighbor's house, below, is quite close already, the design/placement of planting close, an automatic.
If the neighbor's house were 100' away, still site the evergreen hedge where it is.  Not near the property line.  Especially if you want to have early morning coffee on the terrace, in your gown.

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Pic, above, here.
The closer the hedge, the faster the screening.
Put that in your memory bank.
You may not need it, but a friend might.
Garden & Be Well,   XOT
Placing large evergreens for screening recently, 'husband' wanted them in a certain spot, near the property line.  I mentioned a spot closer to his home, providing much faster privacy for his screened/roofed porch. Which was his focus.  He paused long, "That's where my wife said to put them."  Sweet moment, she loved it when I told her.


David Cristiani said...

Ha, his wife was right and you were the confirmation on more effective placement.

One of my first talks when I went on my own in 1995 mentioned placing trees for you and not in a useless spot where they will overgrow / encroach onto the neighbor's yard, while blocking views to their sacred mountain or city lights.

Somehow most everyone got framing those views of their mountain and sprawling burg. Including newly-planted tree size vs. in a few years vs. at maturity.

Penelope Bianchi said...

Once again, briiliant Tara! Counterintuitive.....and completely correct! Create the private space. Men always focus on the property line! It must be in their DNA!! Poor things! We are sent to help them! And we do!!!