Thursday, July 6, 2017

Foundation Planting vs. Eco/Sustainable/Nature

There is a broader horizon for foundations.
Builders must receive a certificate of occupancy ahead of selling a new construction home.  Most USA jurisdictions have a minimal landscaping requirement for that certificate of occupancy: square footage of lawn, number of bushes, and number of trees.  Builders are doing their job, it's not on them to change standards.
Beyond that outline the types/placement of bushes/trees is not defined further.  Decades pass, the builder's landscaping remains.  No concern for trees to shade in summer/warm in winter/block winter winds reducing HVAC expense and increasing property value, mature growth that won't break foundations/walks/drives/rot roofs or siding.
Civic duty is met, a baseline standard, and keep it tidy.  Little relation to eco, sustainable, Nature.  That trinity is ours to define.  One of life's great gifts, if we take it.
Centuries before American foundation plantings, there were gardens, below.
A garden design course, below, in a single photo.
Better, eco/sustainable/Nature.  Increasing lifestyle & property value.
** Life in the Netherlands.
Pic, above, here.
This garden, above, feels like it's been let out of the jail of foundation plantings.
Garden & Be Well,   XO T


Dewena said...

This picture is so lovely, so dreamy, and seems so far from attainable for our house. I study and study these ideas, Tara, as we think and think and think about the small steps that can bring us the "flavor" of them if not the replica. Will keep studying on it. I so appreciate your posts!

Penelope Bianchi said...

Of course, I adore this! The bench right next to the house....the gravel...the pavers set in sand.....the trees!

Such a wonderful feeling and great living there!

Bravo to you for spreading the word!!!