Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Accidental Garden

Moving into our ca. 1900 home 2 years ago this month, I remember vividly a moving truck backed into the drive, below, unloading these potted plants, near midnight, temp hi 80's, humidity hi 90's, and it was the 3rd trip unloaded that day.
I dug no plants to move, the only plants moved are in these pots, below.  Pots not moved since arrival.  Have not gardened yet.  Beloved has spent 2 years removing invasives, clearing for roads, reconditioning pond/dam, grading, renovating sheds, house, painting, irrigation,  etc.
Late spring/early summer Beloved was beyond himself wanting tomatoes.  No potager yet, we walked the garden picking a spot, temporary, for his tomatoes.  On his own, he decided the chosen spot was too far away, and he brought a dozen large black plastic pots to the drive, below.

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Yes, this was a drive, above/below.  What had been a single-car-garage in the real estate ad began life as a single carriage barn, a 2-seat sport model carriage at most, with a long rotted away wood floor by the time we 1st looked at the property.  Seller, realtor, inspector, us, were quite mum's-the-word-on-that-'garage'. Beloved put in the stone wall, stopping the flow of water into the 'garage', which is now a shed.  

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Tree & pots, below, are on the property line.  Typically historic, house near the road, facing east, at a property line, allowing space for an orchard on the other side of the house.

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Chairs, above, still painted the same green from my previous garden.

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From the deck, Beloved's tomatoes, below.  Close to the house, they've earned a permanent spot.  Will prepare potager beds before fall planting, below, trimmed with bricks from our chimneys, alas, removed for safety.  Granite gravel, #89, best with the color of our house, quarry no more than a mile away.

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See the chairs in front of the shed, above?  Nice trick, and an even better place to have lunch or sit late evening with my cats.
Having the potager this close to the house, pure accident.
Garden & Be Well,   XOT
Pics shot yesterday/today.


Wendy A said...

I love the 'accidental' potager. Your tomato cages look so nice and sculptural. Mine always look horrible and can be viewed from most windows in the house so this year I purchased obelisks to use as cages. So far, so good!

Would you share the paint color of your door? I love how soothing it looks.

Thank you!

Margaret said...


carmen said...

This is so awesome. I love your posts.

Penelope Bianchi said...

Not an accident. A happy instance of practical thinking! When do we need the tomatoes? When we are fixing a salad! How far do we want to go? Not very far!

I love how tomato plants look!

And the color of that chair.......heavenly!

Tara Dillard said...

Green shed door, Valspar, Ginkgo Tree. Went to Lowe's with Beloved, about to check out he says, Get paint. We're going to paint sheds today.

Went inside/outside several times with color samples. Yeah, am happy with Ginkgo Tree, though chosen under a stop watch.