Thursday, June 29, 2017

Styling: Eddie Ross

Immediately obvious, below, good staging/styling.  Expected in the 80's, rare in the teens.  So rare, I stopped to read the article, and discover who styled it.  Eddie Ross, for Better Homes & Gardens magazine.  Had the good fortune, lecturing in Virginia moons ago, to have dinner with Eddie & his partner Jaithan Kochar.  Total knock out pair of men, many layers of talent.

Pic, above, here.

Had to smile at their caption, above.  No cooking for me at a party, instead, choosing stewardship of guests & self.  Aka, having a great time.  In addition, choosing stewardship of cleaning/dishes after a party, I don't want guests cleaning, am wildly selfish wanting play time with them.  Cleaning after guests leave, using the time to give thanks, enjoying thoughts of party conversations.  Cleaning as a focused form of stewardship.
Friend, client, mentor, Mary Kistner had the best lunches, often for just the 2 of us.  Always a well thought out menu, plates/glasses, floral arrangement, music, and a neighbor hired to serve, clear, clean.  Time with Mary was always sparking.  Our Muse's in fabulous dance.  

Pic, above. here.

My 80's 'eye' wants to put a rock under the right side of the pot with the gorgeous hydrangea, above.

Pic, above, here.
Sublime color trinity, above, blues/grays/whites with subsidiary oxblood.  More great advice in a caption, above, but won't be using cut branches from our field, our guys saw a 3" diameter copper head snake last Friday.  
Garden & Be Well,   XO T


La Contessa said...


Penelope Bianchi said...

Yes! Eddie Ross! Talent for decades! Lovely post!

Every time you mention Mary Kistler; the compliment grows in my heart and my head. You wrote me years ago.....when I first blogged; that I reminded you of Mary. Even a picture. I deeply appreciate it. Honestly; more than you can know!

You have so much to offer; and offer it you do! I adore your posts!!!

I will start writing more.

I appreciate yours so much. I need and want to give also!

Penelope Bianchi said...

ps when I clicked on the link; it just goes to the magazine. Not that picture or article.......FYI!!!!