Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Cure for the Green Meatball

Truly curious.  Did green waves, below, start life as green meatballs?  Hope these green waves sail a thousand ships.
Fence color.  Perfect, enlarges the space, and the potted tree, again, color enlarges its space too.
Both artworks sited on axis from the house, with pure museum backdrop.
Gas grill is pruned into its niche, hiding from view.
Little maintenance, merely blowing, pruning.  Would like to see same shot with the green waves at their peak of scruffy, before a pruning day.

love the green backdrop to the pieces:
Pic, above, here.
Bravo to the pruner, foliage to the gravel.  Amazing perfection.
Garden & Be Well,    XO T


David Cristiani said...

This is enjoyable, and it must look good year-round, depending on background foliage. I only wish the grill were behind a dark wall, to mimic the rear fence. The slate patio, gravel, and statuary...more!

Charisse Andrews said...

Oh Tara, This is beautiful. But low maintenance? There seem to be a lot of trees. To keep it pristine, lots of picking leaves from all over, all year. What about when they get between the fence and back of shrubs? I adore this look, totally my style, but not easy. I live with lots of trees (woods actually), lots of oaks, hickory, maple. I am constantly maintaining my shrubs, spring pollen, leaf clusters, seeds, seedlings, fall leaves, leaves from storms. Blow leaves off them? Not really,those darn leaves stick, really stick. Can't easily blow debris off gravel w/o moving the gravel, and then raking it smooth again. I find minimalism to often be the most difficult to maintain, but oh how I love it.