Monday, March 13, 2017

Classic Garden Furniture

Deep narrative.  Over a period of years shrub/tree, below, lovingly pruned into a thing of beauty & function.  How do I know?  Aside from the obvious, had a witch hazel tree in my 30 year cottage garden, I pruned the same.
Layers of this story, below, timeless.  Stone, furnishings, vanishing threshold, invitation, function, colors, etc.
With classics, each iteration, unique.  Go deep into classic garden simplicities, results more deeply you.  Another counterintuitivity of Garden Design.
Pic, above, here.
Buy the classics, above, new, table/chairs, all from Ikea.   (Not a promotion nor receiving paid endorsement.)

LÄCKÖ Table, outdoor IKEA Easy to keep clean – just wipe with a damp cloth. The materials in this outdoor furniture require no maintenance.

ÄLMSTA Chair IKEA Each piece of furniture is unique as it is handmade. Furniture made of natural fiber is lightweight but also sturdy and durable.

STORSELE Armchair IKEA The furniture is handmade and therefore unique, with rounded shapes and nicely detailed patterns.
This little table, below, perfect in the garage.  Perhaps you need a larger table.  Life in my Cottage, I would place the next day's 'take' for jobs, on a table at the back door in the garage.  No garage at our ca. 1900 farmhouse, the 'take' is set on a buffet in the foyer the nite before.
ASKHOLMEN Table for wall, outdoor IKEA Space saving as the table can be folded down when not in use.
Life throws a curve ball, below.
IKEA PS VÅGÖ Chair, outdoor IKEA
These chairs remind me of a Hercule Poirot episode set during the 30's at a centuries old English estate.  Oddly, they're perfect for the shed at the Potager.
SKARPÖ Armchair, outdoor IKEA The drain hole in the seat lets water drain out. Can be stacked, which helps you save space.
Six pics, above, Ikea
Image result for hercule poirot
Pic, above, here.

I know !  Liking those chairs reminds me of being a teenager, and knowing beyond a doubt mom had gone round the bend.  Whatever, I still like the chairs, if they pass the sit test, to the farm they come.
Peculiarity is a layer of Garden Design.  If you love something enough, it will work.  Within parameters, but it will work.
Garden & Be Well,   XO T


Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

A good solid chair, no perching wanted! A chair is even in ever vehicle, should the need, desire to stop by the side of the road and rest a bit overtakes me.

marta maghiar said...

J'aime surtout Hercules Poirot. Bonne journée!

David Cristiani said...

And the parameters of what peculiar ideas could work is what we get to do. Even if the peculiar is buried under decades of a few made into normal.

Ikea beats Design Within Reach on the price of replicas, though I'm not sure on cost.