Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Fine Prospect

Last of the Piedmont, below, heading into the Coastal Plain.  Earlier this month Beloved helped me place my 6' teak bench.  She had been a garden focal point for years, later, placed in my Conservatory for a couple of years, then I moved.  Now, she's subtle, purposefully insignificant, a perch for this fine prospect, below.

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Look close, below, and you'll see her.

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Invasives were impenetrable when we bought the property.  Getting to the pond not an option.  Beloved hacked a trail immediately upon closing on the property.  For months we thought the far side of the pond was the end of our land.  We discussed offering to buy more land from that owner.  Then we got a survey.  Great news, we already owned a nice amount of land behind the pond.  A bottle of champagne had been in the fridge far too long.  We toasted our good news.
Last weekend was full, by early Sunday evening I was craving solitude, wildly.  My DNA spoke, Get yourself back to the pond bench.  Six feet long, I sat in a corner of my bench, cradled by an arm & back.  Old friend, you came to me as a Christmas gift from a pair I loved, now gone, how was I to know it would be just you & me, and you would give an embrace of solace?
Black Eagle
Pic, above, here.
Beloved found me on the bench, he had ridden in on the Gator.  Sat next to me for a few very short minutes, said a few things about clearing the growing underbrush.  He finally became aware of my face, above, and drove away.
Not an introvert, he will never understand my need for solitude, but he did understand my eyes, leaving me to harvest my riches.
Garden & Be Well,   XOT


Dewena said...

I love it! Maybe you could tie a scarf of a certain color on a branch when you enter this quiet place for a time of solitude?

Penelope Bianchi said...

I love the bench, what it means, and where it is.

It sounds like Beloved is learning. I hope so. There is a lot to learn......with us. Isn't there???

Penelope Bianchi said...

I forgot to say; mostly for your readers, because you already know.......I LOVE your pond. I can't wait for the birds to come!

Duck house????

emmachas said...

Beautiful photos. Beautiful thoughts.
Thank you, Tara!

David Cristiani said...

Benches to personality...the jump I would make. I'm an introvert and was married 15 years to an introvert...at least we connected 100% on that! I was the one who enjoyed being outside the most, by far.