Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tara Template: Checker Board

Checker Boards are FAST.  Fast.
Many layers of Garden Design are slow to medium, getting there.
Not a Checker Board.
I designed this pool, and its garden 4 years ago, below.  Checker Board photo was taken before we finished installing the plants.  FAST !  A little cheating, Checker Board going into sod, quite the shazaaam fast.

Pic, above, I shot in Susanne Hudson's garden.  Shade.  Checker Board with evergreen groundcover.

Pic, above, I shot in a client's garden.

More pics, above/below, I shot in Susanne Hudson's garden.  She decided her shady Checker Board needed to extend beyond the fence.  12" concrete squares.

Before & After, below.  Checker Board I designed, installed for client.
Interesting, knowing where to place a Checker Board.  Client, below, had a drainage issue in this zone, and this zone is used during monthly neighborhood parties with kids, parents, dogs, margaritas.  .
What to do?  Checker Board.  Of course.  (Muse certainly entertains.  Until drawing their garden had zero clue a Checker Board was the solution.  Go Muse !)

This client, above/below, was vision-quest-challenged.  I only let you know, because many people are.  Easy fix, set up a dry run, below.  Windy day, Nature had her fun, yes?

Remember, this zone, above/below, had a drainage issue, the pics don't show the Caterpillar contouring the water into a proper swale, drainage issue solved.

Stone pavers, above/below.  Sod.  INSTANT.

Perhaps you want to commune with Muse, maybe a Checker Board is in your garden, waiting to be revealed.
Don't know how to commune with Muse?  Correct, it's not an instant relationship Muse provides.  Muse is met at the altar of grace, joy, humility, letting go of character defects offensive to Muse, while being fearless in taking what Muse gives to all.  Take.
Garden & Be Well,    XOT


Joni Webb said...

This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Instant!!! I would think it would take forever. love this!!!!!

Penelope Bianchi said...

Love the checkerboard!! Brilliant!!