Friday, January 6, 2017

The Right Green Man

Another Green Man, below.  If you don't know Green Man, take the link, centuries of lore, multiple continents & cultures.
This Green Man, wrapping a corner, owning the garden & house, yet subtle, below, perfect for my previous garden, 30 years in a red brick cottage garden.
Now, our ca. 1900 American farmhouse?  No.  Wouldn't look of-the-whole.  One possibility for my house, have Picasso customize a Green Man for me.  Matisse may be the better choice.  Yes, dear Henri.  His Cut Outs steal my heart.
Ahead of moving into pure history, I had a quaint cluelessness, in totality, how Garden Design focal point choices would change.  

Pic, above, here.
No exaggeration to say TRUCKLOADS of garden items were taken to Goodwill once we moved in.  Hard action step, Beloved's big work truck, his team of men dispatched decades of hunting/gathering.  Zero time for yard sale, or to take to consignment.  Out, gone.
Nothing like a TRUTH, when we do it to ourselves.
If that makes you laugh, it should, you understand my entire premise of Garden Design.  Layers of truths.  Each simple.  Yet each layer a black hole to previous thinking.  Blessedly so.  Good riddance.  .
Garden & Be Well,    XOT
Matisse.  Definitely Matisse.


Patricia said...

Wish I'd known where you took everything! I would've rented a U-haul truck and bought it all up. I am a "maximalist"!

Valerie Temple said...

Dear Tara,
Do you know of a source to purchase this green man? I LOVE him!!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

No laughter here, rather tears. I'm a lover of stories and all those stories, gone to the thrift store, pains.
And that, my dear Tara, is why I'm surrounded by OPS...other people's stuff...+ my own. lol

Valerie Temple said...

Love the Greenman! Tara do you know of a resource to purchase one? Thanks