Thursday, December 8, 2016

Binary Thinking is Not For Garden Design

Anatomy of designing a garden first for winter, below.
Through the year, let Nature take its course or play with seasonal plantings in the urns on plinths, below.
Perhaps lighting in the pond/pool, below, shining in a direction you wish to see wavy watery shadows in the evening.  A fountain for sound?
Maybe flowers/candles floating in the water for a party.
Get the point?  More than a garden, below, it's a proscenium for your life.

FAMOUS FOLK AT HOME: India Hicks and her mother Lady Pamela at the Hicks family home in Oxfordshire, England:
Pic, above, here
Binary thinking does not lend itself to Garden Design.  
"No truly great thinker is siloed in a small territory."  And, that is the mind, a truly great thinker, creating the garden, above.
"Quantitative thinking is knowing the dose makes the poison."  Just enough, above, any more, and the Garden Design is poisoned.  Had a super talented assistant manager when I worked at a nursery for several years.  Alas, he always poisoned his talent, Garden Design, in the last 5 minutes.  He put in too much.  We would wait for him to leave, and take away the poison, leaving the true beauty of his work.  Never, did he get angry with us.  Instead it was always a great smile, after his initial questioning gaze.
Binary thinking is a fixed mindset.  Garden Design is a growth mindset.  "Blame is a big part of the fixed mindset."  Garden Design receives the blame, too often, and erroneously, of "I can't afford it.".
No time to go there at the moment.  Another day.
Garden & Be Well,   XOT
Quotes pulled from, Creating A Growth Mindset, by Carol Dweck.
I didn't save her quotes for Garden Design, though they fit.  Instead, been taken to my last nerve dealing with binary thinking from....  And, happy to get this lens of thinking to up my own game, when my game is stalled.  A growth mindset, for sure.


Jasmine Angel said...

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Penelope Bianchi said...

"Binary thinking" is not for ANY design. Tara, you are so gifted, and so right. Binary thinking is antithetical to the entire design world. All parts of it. Nightmare.

For those who do not know what "binary thinking"is: I found this:

"Binary Thinking
Phrase. Denotes a system of thought that predominantly considers things in an "either, or", "right, wrong", "black, white" way, ignoring any subtleties or consideration of third or more alternatives.
"Binary thinking:
People who habitually think in this way are usually fairly unintelligent and unimaginative.

In philosophy, this is know as a 'bifurcation fallacy'."