Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Play a Bigger Game: Focal Points

Well placed urn focal point, below, at the end of the path.  The Garden Design for the urn is playing a Bigger Game.  Do you already see?
The more directions a focal point is a focal point from, the better the focal point.  It's playing the Bigger Game.

Peter Fudge:
Pic, above, here.
Looking at the urns, above, from the side direction, they are placed as an asymmetrical pair leading into the covered porch.
Very nice.  No thought of the ubiquitous pairing each side of the opening.  More, the wider asymmetrical placement creates the illusion of a wider entry into the covered porch.
Wish I could see the entire garden, I'm sure there's more to these urns we're not seeing here.
Adore being in gardens playing the Bigger Game.  Even better, designing a garden on paper, putting in a focal point on main axis, then immediately seeing were 2 or more axis belong with it too.  Muse has quite the humor.
Garden & Be Well,   XO T

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Maria Killam said...

So pretty, I love that 'bigger game' conversation, it's about life too! Maria