Saturday, October 8, 2016

New Layer for Fall & Winter

Time to begin hunting/gathering for winter gardening.
Incredible silhouettes, below, and packing a punch with a strand of lights.

Tara Dillard: subsidiary focal point in the day, focal point at nite.:

[2006.jpg] ... excellent landscape design (check out the web link):

In my garden shed are several balled strands of white lights, extension cords, urns, and in our woods, plenty of sticks/branches/greenery.
Mechanics & ingredients accounted for.  Now, pure pleasure vision questing where to place them.
Yes, will leave the lights on all nite.
This is your heads-up.  If you enjoy the anticipation of a new garden layer, as much as I do, a new layer has arrived, just now, sublime.
Garden & Be Well,    XO T
Would be fun seeing how many ships sail from this port.  Better, their structural mechanics.
Pics Deborah Silver.


Jean Campbell said...

I'm in! Last winter I bought lights after Christmas with intent of tossing ancient lights. Caught up in Shedding Clutter, I hope to use the lights before January.

Gina said...

So original and so stunning!

Summer said...

Beautiful photos! Have a lovely Sunday ♥

La Contessa said...

I LOVE THIS and HAVE MARKED SO I do not FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!XX

magpi said...

I do really like the pile of lights at the soil level of a large pot. That's a great way to mark a focus point.

But whoa - I'm good with adding a layer of light to landscaping, but not with keeping them on all night just for aesthetics! Light pollution is a serious problem to wildlife AND humans, and the extra energy required adds up, and contributes to overconsumption of fossil fuels, coal-plant pollution, etc.

I have added lights to my landscape in an aesthetic way for the few dark hours when we usually need them - and then return my acres to blessed darkness.