Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Most Common Mistake at a Front Door

Garden rooms, you must create garden rooms.  That's the mantra, across centuries of Garden Design, but what does it mean, below, in the present era ?
Most common fail I see at front doors?  Below.
Best part of this 'fail' ?  Easily remedied.
What to do, below, to create a garden room?
Rules abound, below, this neighorhood reeks of Home-Owners-Association.  Must stay within the rules, no one likes that Nasty Gram in their mailbox.
Reaching the front door, below at left, there is no here, here.  Create a garden room, voila, you are in their world, plenty of scope for the imagination and an elegant welcome/departure.
Your turn, Garden Design the fix, below, creating a garden room for the front door at left.
Giving you more time, notice the white downspout, below, house at right.  Really?  Paint the downspout copper color, voila, downspout no longer behaves as a 'column' almost disappears.  Paint the gutters copper color and the house grows taller, copper gutters reach up into the roof.  But this gutter/downspout exercise is merely to give you more time, figuring out how to create a garden room, below, at the front door to the house at left.  While your designing that garden room, lets take out a few bushes at the base of the arched window, below, and place a custom stone step.  Very nice.  It's never a good thing when I'm hearing Cole Porter, Don't Fence Me In, at a garden.
Done?  Designed your garden room?

Classical Garden Design:
Pic, above, here.

Grow the existing short hedge, at the far right property line, to 7'.  If budget allows, take out the existing hedge, plant a 7' evergreen hedge.  Done.
You've created a garden room, and private world at the front door, no visible axis into the neighbor's world.
Must mention, I love this garden design, above, house at left.  Lean, green, serene.  Easy to maintain with unskilled labor.  Green all year, no down time.  Well done.
Garden & Be Well,   XO T


La Petite Gallery said...

WOW that rain spout really stands out. I agree with you dear.
Enjou this Fall weather, my favorite time of year.
Just Think Gypsy's just have to read blogs to tell fortunes.
What do ya think of TRUMP?

Laurin Lindsey said...

So simple and yet I never thought of the front entrance area as a room. I think make it an inviting destination but hadn't thought wider than that. Thank you for expanding my view!

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