Thursday, August 25, 2016

Getting the Smallest Detail Right

The smallest detail, below, exposes the confident knowledge of historic Garden Design rules.

Pic, above, here.
Do you know what the smallest detail is, above?  Should I wait till tomorrow for the answer?  Perhaps natter on, giving you time.  Lanterns, above, are an odd move, but perhaps they truly needed the light or yet another ubiquitous stylist input.  The water, above, is a mirror and slow mesmerizing burble.  Reminds me of Sir Roy Strong mentioning every garden needs a mirror of the sky.
Smallest detail they got right, above?  Gravel lapping to the tree, no border edging.  Of course, if this were my garden ahead of having a fabulous photographer I would brush the gravel with my fingers, slightly away from the trunks, more of an illusion the trunks are 'arising' instead of looking so 'plopped' in.
Exactly the types of things discussed in depth with my Garden Design friends.  Someone must live this type of life, and it's us!
What's not to adore about peers putting their spin on it?
Your spin on the garden, above?
Garden & Be Well,   XO T
Garden Design Rule for the lapping gravel?  Contrast.  Plenty of formality with coping around gravel and styling, going rustic with the lapping gravel is the contrast.


La Contessa said...

The fountain spitting water??

Plohni said...

The lanterns are good because it gives another black element in that part of the garden, repeating the color black, from the bench, the dark water. It is also a transparent element, repeating the idea of the water. its a good thing. and will be pretty at dusk and and night.

Penelope Bianchi said...

This sounds like is just true. Before I read one word.....I wanted to reach in and shoo the gravel away from the trunk....just shoo it a bit some dirt. Then I read. I could not, and would not make that up!

When I first met Brooke Giannetti..the very first was spooky. We were walking around my garden....and she was talking and I was talking...and I stopped dead in my tracks. I said....."We have known each other in another life! There is no question!" She said, "Just one?" I adore her.

There you go! You were in those lives too! I am certain!!! Spooky and lovely.....and lucky can we get??? There is no question! I adore you , too! And I haven't even met you yet!

I am aiming for the Nashville Garden show!!! Could you be there???



Devid Sapher said...

Good to see the things here by experts.

Penelope Bianchi said...

Shame on you, David. Using this comment form to advertise your own company.
Your work has nothing to do with the aesthetic of this blog. You just hijacked.
I doubt it will work in your favor.
This is spam.