Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mowing Heights Matter

What's your 1st thought about the mowing, below?
Not fair, asking from a photo's view.  Best to ask in real life, being there.  Aside from that, what is your gut instinct about the mowing, below?
First time in a garden with this mowing, England of course, almost 30 years ago, from my DNA, I knew the mowing was 'correct'.  American mowing, just a bill of goods being sold.  Amazingly, that was enough, I never ventured further intellectually about why to mow at mixed heights, aside from less maintenance.
Recently, about 4 years ago, I realized 'why' the mowing was correct.
It's all about stewardship.  Mowing low- medium- tall, allows Nature to 'work'.  Pollinator habitat, healthier ornamental plants, and higher agricultural production.  Less monoculture of lawn, insects, mammals, reptiles.  Stewardship of ground water, soil microbes, ourselves.
Since first awareness, I've called it Tara Turf.  Unique to each zone/micro-climate.
If it's good enough for the Queen, below, good enough for me.

Royals: The Queen and Prince Philip spent their wedding night at Broadlands in Hampshire, the former home of Prince Philip's uncle, Earl Mountbatten in 1947:

Pic, above, Daily Mail.  Interesting story, I think you'll like it, history writ personal
Garden & Be Well,  XOT


Penny O'Neill said...

Tara Turf! I will remember this as we continue to endeavor varying lawn growth. Thank you.

Penelope Bianchi said...

Ever since I learned the term "Tara Turf" I had a name for what I have always loved...since I was a child! I was so bored with lawn (everywhere in southern california) and adored "meadow; or green spaces with clover....and other flowers or low plants with interesting leaves that were not mowed!!! Or mowed in just one path! I saw bees, ones. God only knows why I have always disliked lawns! I told my mother 60 years ago! Why can't we have a meadow instead of a lawn! (I must have read about meadows in LosAngeles then!!)

I adore Tara Turf.....we built our house 19 years lawn....native plants...

I did not know Tara....Now I do.....and I treasure her. She knows.

She has taught me what I did instinctively is what to do!

I will make sure Tara speaks Montecito. it is my goal!
Spread the word of what she knows! She knows what is right......and most people and garden centers and NOT.

It is astonishing.......

Penelope Bianchi said...

What a perfect picture........that Queen. I was a little girl.....with the first tv in the neighborhood and saw her Coronation! Thrilling!

and here she is in a to a lawn.....teaching the world.....she is lovely...he is lovely....and this is a wonderful lesson!

TARA TURF!!!! bees and hummingbirds everywhere!

Today in my morning glories.....the most astonishingly beautiful Orioles!!! They took my breath away! Hooded Orioles.........seriously gorgeous!!! Google "hooded orioles" one landed on my hat last year when I played their song on my iphone!!!

Brenda Coffee said...

Tara, I live in South Texas. Rattlesnakes and Copperheads, two deadly snakes, live in the tall grass. It's good camouflage for them, so that's why I keep my grass cut. xoxo, Brenda

La Petite Gallery said...


Penelope Bianchi said...

Good grief Brenda!! I don't blame you! If they were where I live; I would too!!!