Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Formal into the Wild Wood

"And, I don't want anything formal."
Gets me every time.  In the early years I would explain how 'formal' is your friend.  Now, I just let it rip, playing with formal elements, don't mention the word, and enjoy, "I love this."
Because I know what is most important in life, I checked Pinterest late last nite, hoping something new popped up for Furlow Gatewood.  This pic, below, may not be new but I had never seen his allee of mophead hydrangea from this angle.
Gatewood's allee has sailed a fleet of ships since its debut in Veranda in July of 2013.
Adore how he smashed formal into wild wood.
His wild wood of canopy-understory-walls-floors, a total home run.
Another home run?  No dinky-is-stinky here.
Further south than my garden, I look at Gatewood's hydrangea, nostrils flared, right eyebrow cocked/loaded, in a momentary whiff of envy.  No near decade of leisurely late freezes, in March/April, taking out hydrangea buds.
No, there is not next year to get this decadence, below, back.  It is several good 'next years' in a row, to get the decadence back.
Before you think this is a problem to maintain, notice front/left, a clearly exposed drip irrigation tube.

Unpaved driveway lined with potted blue hydrangeas - Furlow Gatewood's home in Americus, Georgia:

Pic, above, here.
Garden & Be Well,   XO Tara


martamag said...


Betsy Duggan said...

Tara do you think a potted hydrangea would be possible in zone 5 ? Chicago area ours ( blue endless summer variety ) die back all the way in Winter - only the Oak leaf seem to grow from old stems .... I would try it with cement or iron - teracotta would crack in the freeze.

Penelope Bianchi said...

Tara! Do you not have this book???

this book......is the bible.....not only landscaping....decorating....everything....The guy (I hope he is still alive)! was 92 or something..Bunny Williams is the only reason this book was every written and published...he knows everything about taste.....gardens....interiors........he is "IT"!!

Talk about interior/exterior.......you name it.....he did it....vanishing threshold......you are soul-mates....go to Georgia.....or whereeverheis......he would love to meet you! he is near you!

(I received the best compliment last week when I rescued an Owlet) "You were intrepid and decisive"!

I saved that owlet's life!

BE INTREPID AND DECISIVE!! And go visit Fulow Gatewood! You have to do it NOW! And I know he will welcome you with open arms and tell you everything!


Penelope Bianchi said...

kinda disappointed. You could find a flaw in this perfection.
this is breathtakingly beautiful to me.


La Contessa said...

This is ONE of MY FAVORITE PHOTOS EVER...........wish I had the DRIVEWAY to do this!

Tara Dillard said...

Zone 5 is not hopeful in pots with hydrangeas.....


Unknown said...

When the summer season fades into fall, we obsess over one last-standing flowering shrub: the hydrangea care. It evokes an old-fashioned charm