Thursday, April 21, 2016

Another 1st Rule of Garden Design

Design your garden, 1st, from inside your home.  Design your garden, 1st, for the depths of winter.
If your garden is gorgeous in winter, it is gorgeous all year.
The Garden In Winter, by Rosemary Verey is perhaps the best Garden Design book.


Pic, above, from my previous garden.  30 years, creating a cottage garden.  Moved no plants/field stone/bricks when I left last May, only brought focal points & potted plantings & 7 large quartz stones.  Weeks later, seeing the pile of cottage garden 'stuff' at our ca. 1900 American farmhouse I knew it was inappropriate.  Beloved had his large work truck and 5 of his men on site, I let them gather 2 truckloads for the thrift store.  I stood and pointed and watched the bits/pieces making up a garden seen on TV, in magazines/books, tours, drift away.  Bits/pieces that made up my life.  Nothing to be done but take swift action.  Impossible to live a new life chapter, dragging past chapters.
The view, above, is now all lawn.
Christopher Lloyd said, The garden dies when the gardener dies.    
Because money was nonexistent during early decades at my cottage garden I volunteered at garden symposiums, to get inside free.  Wildly, it was Providence placing me where I should be.  How else to have had lunch & traipse gardens with Christopher Lloyd when he came to lecture, how else to have had lunch & traipse gardens with Rosemary Verey when she came to lecture?
Garden & Be Well,   XO T


Anonymous said...

So agree but happily not my experience. My Calgary garden and house were bought by a gardener. Whenever we are back there to visit our kids we do a very slow, creepy drive-by and wonder of wonders it looks great. She has made some changes of course but has kept a lot of the favourite vistas. I think she gets me and appreciates my vision. I doubt it will happen to this garden down the road but I can hope. If they don't like raspberries they will have their work cut out for them. Talking about work cut out... I need to work on the winter window views. I enjoy your posts thoroughly and learn something every time.

Lydia said...

This garden was nearly a blank slate when we arrived here nearly 30 years ago. We don't get snow here- so seeing how it looks while seated in the spa as the sun goes down- that is the best way to decide what is working - and what isn't in the garden. The other places we lived, one had a glorious spacious kitchen, the next had a master suite and walk in closet bigger than all together are here. But with this house has- is a garden which hugs and enriches our lives. Blessings.