Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Florist Shop Technique in Your Garden

I remember well going into the old tiny white clapboard house, engulfed with oleander, gardenias, and sago palms, on the way to League City, TX, with its front half turned into a florist shop, they lived at the back, with mom when she needed to send sympathy flowers.  In the 60's this was not a phone call or internet purchase.  The large glass front refrigerator stuffed with flowers awaiting, scents, vases, ribbons, cut stems in a pile, no, I was not waiting in the car.  Life was electric in that tiny shop & home.
Saw that house, long abandoned, during my last trip home in December.
No matter its current state it has sailed a thousand ships in my work.  I have a Pinterest board for Florist Shops.  Clients with acreage, and little time, I send to that board to inspire when they have an open garden or private function.  Temporary beauty easily arranged.
Claus Dalby, below, from Denmark uses the Florist Shop Technique.  No matter your continent, style, budget, the Florist Shop technique is for you too.    

Pic, above, Claus Dalby.
Florist Shop Technique.  My favorite type of gardening, see it do it.
Garden & Be Well,    XO T
Thank you Janelle McCulloch for another great find.


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Warm memories about that little shop in TX. I like how you said: No matter its current state it has sailed a thousand ships in my work.
I also like your Pinterest board. Thank you Tara!

Julianna Maricelli said...

total eye candy!!!!!!

La Contessa said...

IT IS BEAUTIFUL..........every year I say plant more bulbs.........am I too late this year?I think I will pop down to the NURSERY today with this vision in mind!

Lori Buff said...


Dewena said...

This took me back to the florist shops I went to with my parents in the '50s. All were mom & pop shops and the floral scent of walking into the cool room with my father to choose something.

I just got lost for a while in your pinterest board of florist shop. Enchanting!