Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Front Porch: Open Wide

Rich in sublime detail I'm curious about the front porch, at the drive way side.

Residential | Martin & Malkemus

Perhaps more shutters between arches?  A ceiling fan suggests moments of leisure.  Foundation hedge is a barrier between home & garden.  Forcing foot traffic to the front door.

Plantation style home...

Choices are good, this 'landscape' is good, adding choices makes it a good garden.
Between the open arches, above, add choices.  How?  Take away foundation planting & add more brick steps across the front.  Then, you've made house & garden a vanishing threshold.  Significantly changing the use of the porch, and its 'feel'.  More, you've made a narrow'ish front porch entry luxuriant in scale, and tied the history of the home's architecture to the garden.
I think of these gardens, above, as pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey gardens, one size fits all.  And this home is worthy of a garden matching its patina.
Garden & Be Well,    XO Tara
Pics here.
Humorous how curious this home/garden make me.  And, perhaps reasons for the 'landscaping' would put me in agreement.  Without knowing more, it's all Cole Porter, don't-fence-me-in.


La Contessa said...

LOVE THIS HOUSE..................FIX THE GARDEN!!!

Judith said...

Absolutely agree. I hate mean little stairs. Generous stairs will allow an easy flow from porch to garden and will allow more flexible furniture placement. So tragic that people design stairs which restrict rather than enhance flow and movement.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful idea!!!!

Anonymous said...

I do like foundation plantings (or any), when they redirect traffic to the best spot. And I have the best spiny plants available to do that! Wide porch...yes...usable.