Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Metal vs. Wood Arbor

Recently finished a Garden Design adding a similar metal arbor, below.

New construction, the home is American Farmhouse, mostly, architecture.
She wanted an arbor for harvest table & twinkle lites.
Lapboard siding home, a wood arbor would have been 'too much' more wood.  And the scale 'clunky'.
Original brick patio, quite pretty, is postage stamp in size, and common to its size, never used.  I enlarged the space with gravel.
Now, finding this particular construction specialist, custom metal arbor.
Adore simple solutions with elegance & function.
Garden & Be Well,    XO Tara
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La Contessa said...

Would YOU believe I just had an arbor put up very similar to this?!!
Of course YOU would...........lucky me my husband did it!XX

carmen said...

Always enjoy your blog. Wonder if you can suggest how to find someone to build a copy of this awesome structure.

carmen said...

love your blog. Wonder if you can provide suggestions as to how to have a similar structure built.

Heather Rae Doyle said...

Nail hit on head. Love it! Let's find it!

Sandy Fry said...

Gorgeous! But, at my house, the yard-spiders would LOVE it (I seem to attract them in abundance).

Lydia said...

I love the combination of wood and metal; gravel and brick.