Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Vision Quest: Landscape for a Barn

Vision questing a barn this month.  Construction was completed recently, and without intervention it is already perfect.  Anything done must appear not-done.
Large, it will be used for family events, and professional.  Cars, people, caterers, ease of use for all, without hindrance to views..
Maintenance must be insignificant.
Knowns include, hiding hvac/septic/trash, gravel, stone, meadow, ease of flow for cars/walking, large groups/small groups, social events/educational events, exterior lighting, meals en plein air, an impromptu lair for the owners,

House in Blacksod Bay by  Tierney Haines Architects, Three sandstone wings protect an inner courtyard from fierce coastal winds at this seaside house in Ireland by Tierney Haines Architects.

An Irish landscape, above.  Stark, beautiful.

Historic Old Barn | Historic Barns

Simplicity, above, to the bone.  A bit of slope, perhaps add 'jewelry' with a stone wall, similar to the above using stones found on site.

Oxfordshire Barn Conversion by John Minshaw photo© Lucas Allen

At the doors, stone terraces, above, will keep most of the gravel off shoes, and interior vintage wood floors.
Ina Garten uses hedges, below, at her barn.  I need to site the hedges to obscure the necessities, and allow 'flow'.  Must be deer proof & evergreen.

Need shade at the barn for outdoor meals.  Martha Stewart, used pin oaks at her barn, below.  Perhaps 2-4 oaks sited, just right, for a harvest table, and the tractor.

Once the necessities are sited, gravel, stone, trees, hedge, flow, the barn is 'done'.  However, at that point, I'm open to adding a flourish, maybe a single espalier heirloom fruit tree, in the vein of Arne Maynard, below,
 Image result for arne maynard
Along with knowing lavender will be planted, and several types of self-seeding flowers into the meadows at the barn.
This is the 1st salvo vision questing, next will be on site, alone for a couple of hours, then on site with the owner.  After that, we set it aside, let the left/right brain magic play.  Decisions made, then taken to the 'men' creating the literal landscape.  Their input, from a base of decades experience, filling out the full breadth of the team.  More changes.  Finally, a garden beyond measure, exceeding expectations.  Yes, exactly why I like working with a team.
Garden & Be Well,     XO Tara
All pics from my Pinterest board, here.    


Lori Buff said...

What a lovely palette to work.

Hartwood Roses said...

Right/left brain magic! Tara, my dear, I adore how you can turn a phrase!!

Anonymous said...

OH Tara!


This is what it is!

Your vision..(knowledge, history)

and then add:

"Your team!"

I am nothing without "my team"!!!

They are who create our visions!

Do you have the book...."Bringing Nature Home"?

(maybe dumb question...I learned....only dumb question is the one not asked!!)


Fabulous "barn" coming!!!~

Kathy said...

lucky girl....beautiful...and that third pic...man

Anonymous said...

Actually doing a team on a large project...had to first lose the other designer who's more ego-artiste-invoicer than team-connector. Seems to be working out. The bouncing back and forth is so necessary, letting design and build refine each other.

Dewena said...

I look forward to seeing that barn. The young woman we bought our hens from is building a large barn that will be available for weddings and parties. I wonder if they've asked themselves these things?

The UPS truck just left leaving an Amazon box with The Garden View, Tara. Just a quick look through has me intensely wanting Spring. My husband and I will fight over your lovely book tonight!

Tara Dillard said...

Dewena, this barn not built for parties. Built for family pleasures, and charity, community, outreach.

Built in stewardship of their acreage and spirit.