Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nurture Your Creativity

Ca. 1950 ranch.  Front yard, house on the golf course.
Drawn on site.  Folding table/chair moved a dozen times.
Don't mess with how I work.
How the potter molds clay, similar to how I design.
Feet in the garden, eyes/mind/Spirit/hand, in symphony.

More regions of the brain activated, than sitting in the office on a computer.

Designing on the computer would be like playing the violin by hooking it up to wires and tapping on the computer keyboard to get the sweetest sounds played.  Not !

Whence my creativity, I know.  And, nurture.

Within that zone of creativity, is, I imagine, what others gain from cocaine.  Don't know, never tried it.  Don't need to, got better.  

 "Some get a kick from cocaine**
I'm sure that if I took even one sniff
That would bore me terrific'ly too
Yet I get a kick out of you."   Cole Porter

Each time a plan completed the awe in time.  Felt like seconds, yet hours passed.  Little in life allows me to forget time, or hunger.
" My general formula for my students is "Follow your bliss." Find where it is, and don't be afraid to follow it. 

Joseph Campbell
The Power of Myth
pp. 120, 149 "
Great fear, indeed.  Campbell should have added some in your life add to that fear, not trusting the path you've chosen.  
My father was horrified at my career choice, and embarrassed.  And vocal.  My engineering degree unused, the horticulture degree supporting me.
What I do for a living, and how I do it, are the best life choices, for me.  Bucking my dad literally made me ill at times.  
Best choice I've ever made, and the hardest.
Garden  & Be Well, XO Tara
Pics from jobsite this spring.
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Lori Buff said...

This potter understands what you mean. Some of us need to have our hands as well as our head and our heart in our work.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I like seeing your 'real' sketches for your gardening plans.

Happy Designing and carrying out your plans.


La Contessa said...

OH those FATHERS..........NOt my favorite family member!

Mona said...

thank you for this..

Anonymous said...

Enjoy seeing your process, Puppet Barbuda.

While I use CAD, I start with hand sketches of elevations, sections, perspectives...and plan. I must do field sketches, first - been saying that since 1995.

When I sketch with client, they start to see it...when I do it in office and bring back to show them they rarely get it.

Back to design!