Friday, May 2, 2014

Design: How to Decorate a Big Blank Wall

Copy, is a rule of Garden Design I did not agree with for years.
Now?  How could I have been so ridiculous?
Facts.  If it's pretty in another garden it will be pretty in yours AND unique.
That crazy 'terminally unique' illness.  We all have it & life is blessed once that disease is eradicated.

A lot of houses have the grand blank wall, somewhere.
Place 3 pair of closed door shutters, with mirrored transoms, add door knobs, hang lanterns, plant a vine, put in a few tons of #89 granite gravel, add furnishings.
Would love this at a flower show.  5 entries, each given the same size wall, copy the inspiration, above.
Would love to see this in Italian rustic, French provincial, desert southwest.
Whatever !
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Pic taken yesterday in a local garden.
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Merlin said...

I put up antique shutters with Talavera plates...Lutyens bench...mine. franki

Anonymous said...

Oh Tara! Such fun to know and love a genius!

So brilliant!

I was just lucky I never went to school for decorating or landscaping......just an English Lit major! I read about all the landscapes and interiors you saw in Europe and saw them in my head!

Actually; I am wrong to say I"never went to school for interior decorating and landscaping"!

I just went to a "different school"!!

Have you read Edith Wharton? Lordy!

Your gardens are so like her books!!

And your gardens are my favorite!

Have you seen lately?

1 year! from vacant move in and landscape blooming!

These are the most wonderful people you could ever meet....and they have created the most wonderful house......and they are my friends!

And they actually say.....(and did from day one!!) they walked up our driveway for the first time and decided to change their life!

And they did!

They are the most real and authentic; gifted and darling people....their children are wonderful; they have chickens......

it is ridiculous how wonderful they are. And there is not one iota of false. Not.


And we love you! Don't you love their native grass that never needs mowing here!

I call it "California Tara Turf"!!!!!!