Thursday, April 17, 2014

Words: Use with Caution in Styling

With some people, years ago, I learned not to share joyous news.  They took delight in diminishing my joy.  Another epiphany, not too long after, 'I choose the plants in my garden, choose the people in my life.'  Within seconds eject button pushed on several persons.
Lightening life's load was instant.  No regrets decades later.  

Words in the garden, be wary of using them.  Words, most often, dominate any mood, any narrative, weather, ephemeral delicate beauties, etc.
Gardens speak, without words.  It is the human cheapening their language.
Instead of admonishing with a picture proving my 'words' I've chosen an exception.  Words in a garden providing pleasure.  If my garden needs a sign, 'Spring has Sprung', do not ever, in a lifetime galaxy of black holes, hire me.  My garden decadently overflows spring's bounty.  Front door, above, is not my home/garden, it belongs to a young woman.  Her mom renovated/styled the home, to perfection.  'Words', included !
Love exceptions, and breaking rules.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

'Gardens speak, without words'.

I like that.

Happy Easter Tara ~ FlowerLady

Anonymous said...

Puppet Barbuda is back! (I forgot your nickname)

Yes - eject buttons on those who diminish joy, yet best to avoid explaining. But not always, esp. with right people. Let the garden speak by itself. Am about 25% there...

Maureen Richmond said...

I love the color of that door. I'm in the market for boxwood topiaries like that. Know where I can find some?

Tara Dillard said...

Maureen, I should have included the wreath & topiary are PLASTIC. Surely, this mom knows her daughter !!

Boxwoods can be easy to find, sometimes, at the big box stores.

However, to find good boxwoods consistently we have a source in North Carolina. The grower drives thru Atlanta each month.

The garden world has changed greatly since 2008. Finding common plants is not easy anymore.

Sod prices have doubled wholesale, if you can find it. XOT

Maureen Richmond said...

faux real? i did find some at boxwoods, but they were pricey. might have to pony up the $$$. thanks!

Kelly McGrath said...

You certainly have a way with words - or your posts do anyway. I love this and wish more people thought like you regarding gardens/interiors.

texassky said...

" not ever, in a lifetime galaxy of black hole hire me." That statement made me laugh out loud! Very funny! I despise plastic green and flowers, but I can't keep a houseplant for nothing! Though, my antique roses love the warm sun and delicate watering. yet, they are OUTSIDE, of course. I hope I don't harm my new lemon tree. But, on the real, I enjoy your blog!

@ texassky
or, just, Angela