Friday, February 21, 2014

Overdose your Theme: Wicker Weakness

Overflow wicker, above, yet they're used at least 1/month.

Vintage wicker, above/below, glass topper for the sagging table top, below.  Adore the chipping paint.

Small wicker baskets, below, perfect for quick trips with keys, sunglasses, cell phone.

White willow English wicker basket, above, for Laskett.  Yes, he is moody.  What can I do, we're in love.

Tucked in the bedroom, above.  Mahogany Sheraton buffet arrived this color, & marked down 2x at the antique shop.

Tool Bouquet over my fireplace.....
Overdose Your Theme is merely an excuse for,  Wicker Weakness.
At Lowe's this week the cashier asked, "Can I feel your basket?".  Girlfriend has Wicker Weakness too.  Along with great taste, it was a handmade Amish basket that day.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Most of the wicker came from Thift Stores or yard sales.
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La Contessa said...

Where to begin on this POST!
My cat THEODORABLE has a slit in his ear too!
The sconces I sold at the HEN HOUSE!!!
The Bust under the wicker cart………DIVINE!
You shop like ME!!!!

Marcia McHenry Melick said...

Me too, wicker weakness! My husband always says
you don't need another basket, oh yes I do!

J.W. said...

I have always loved your tool bouquet, but now I love your cat!

Amy said...

Hi Tara. P. Allen Smith posted a tool bouquet recently on Instagram. It reminded me of you.
Would love to see your images on Instagram as I can't always keep up with my blogs.
Can't wait to start fresh this spring in our garden. The freezing temperatures wiped out a lot of our plants. Trees and shrubs survived, but herbs and many groundcovers are toast.

Anonymous said...

Just Fabulous!!! The tool bouquet is over the top!
See you next week.

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

I didn't know that was a name for this wicker fascination. Let's hope the AMA doesn't label it WW and develop a pharmaceutical "cure."

Divine Theatre said...

I went looking for the vignette and I found it!
Laskett is one of my favorite gardens. :)

Beautiful kitty. Let him have his way.