Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Elements of a Focal Point: Sandra Jonas

Focal point, double plinthed, on axis, Tara Turf, contrasting colors. contrasting textures, contrasting formal/informal, high density/low density, pollinator habitat, Getrude Jekyll delightful, Jane Austen narrative, and best of all 

this is my beloved friend's garden, Sandra Jonas.  We've been across Europe & USA together studying Garden Design.
Wonder what she thinks I see here?
Garden & Be Well,     XO Tara
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Sophia Evans said...

Thanks so much for this post about focal points. For me personally, I think that I struggle sometimes with the idea that there needs to be a solid focal point, and not just multiple eye catchers here and there that are somewhat pointless. We remodeled our home and yard last year, and we found a great landscape design calgary company that helped us find great prices on all the supplies that we needed. There were lots of different little things that added up so quickly, and we were really happy that we were able to find such great prices.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to know a kindred soul who sees all!
Blessed to have you as my friend.