Thursday, February 27, 2014

Design: Cones & Balls

Cones & lollipops.  

A garden contrast working hard since before Christ's era.
Every garden must have a cone shape.
Cone shapes draw the eye.
Serious gardener?  Every garden room must have a cone shape.
Cone shapes in Italy live by a different law than the rest of the world.
Garden & Be Well,  XO Tara
Ignore garden design rules at your own peril !  I adore garden design rules, breaking them with intelligence creates magic.  Stringently following garden design rules creates magic.  Go it alone, you create a feckless mush.
If you want a beautiful garden & home filling you with joy, and causes you to tap the brake pedal, as you look in the rear view mirror heading out, become my client, local or on-line.
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La Contessa said...


Kathy said...

It is true beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Me and cones don't get along.

Jennings and Gates said...

Okay, okay, I'll get a cone! Lol, you're as bad as Jennings bugging me about my axis. (Or lack thereof) But I'm working on that too. :) xo, N.G.