Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Where to Site a Garden Focal Point

In the garden, your house is the main focal point.
For centuries, this, below, has worked.

If something has worked for centuries, there is a reason.
And, it will work for you.
Urn on plinth.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara
Never had a college instructor or seminar speaker say, In the garden your home is the focal point.
What did those 'experts' miss?  Paint colors on the home, lighting, hardware, views into windows, style choices, where to correctly site exterior focal points.  For starters.
Most common question I receive, Where should I put this plant?
If only that were the question.
Garden design is about where to put a plant?


Things That Inspire said...

From a chandelier obsessed person, that is one beautiful chandelier! I love the interior pictures that you use to emphasize your thoughts about the exterior.

I saw some beautiful garden urns in a local shop - I think it was Foxgloves - they would look beautiful on pedestals.

La Contessa said...

URN on plinth………..your right!It always works.
Gorgeous here in the library!

Divine Theatre said...

I love that an urn on a plinth signals (to me) the beginning of one thing or the ending of another. Like a great mystery that never completely reveals itself.



Merlin said...

Which came first?? franki

Sophia Cabria said...

What nice blog and I like it very much thank you for sharing..

Anonymous said...

Tara, you had all the wrong teachers!!!

Gertrude Jekyll said "The garden must curtsey to the house."