Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Port Cachere: Before + After

I was hired to 'refresh' the landscape.
Leaving the port cachere as-is was not an option.  This is their main family door.  

We went shopping at the Americas Mart in downtown Atlanta last month sourcing merchandise.  Not everything had arrived by this week but enough to get started, below.

This table is temporary, above-below, a very nice temporary.  Soon, once a vintage large French buffet is sourced I'll get you more pics.

I made do with the few pots/flowers she had last Monday, above/below.

Small moments of beauty, above.
As she gets into her car to leave, and then returns, her port cachere is embracing arms for going into the world & returning from the world.  A matriarch in every layer of her life, she has a lot going on and appreciates all Providence provides.  It's in the small moment thanks are deeply felt.
Garden & Be Well,    XO Tara
pics taken at jobsite last Monday.


Things That Inspire said...

A great improvement already. Do you select flowers and plants that do not need much light?

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

A lovely space to leave and return to.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Tara ~ FlowerLady

La Contessa said...

Looking GOOD!
Keep us in the LOOP!!!!

Lydia said...

Small moments of beauty- what a nice phrase- may your Thanksgiving be full of those.

Sophia Cabria said...

Wow So Elegant looking and beautiful..

Christine B. said...

My problem is when to stop adding to the embracing arms. I am just about at the smothering arms side of that and need to keep the pathway to the front door a little less jungle like.

Christine in Alaska, frozen arms

Unknown said...

Don't publish this comment, but fyi it's spelled "porte-cochère".