Friday, September 13, 2013

How to Tame Trouble

Met a new client last nite with a no-mans-land of trees/ivy/invasives/drainage ditch/weeds.  Its ownership 'looks' like it could be their property or their neighbors.
What to do is quite easy.

An entry & path will instantly take ownership and tame the trouble.
Clearing invasives, controlling ivy/weeds, planting desirable understory trees & etc... will take a bit more time.  Happily, now there is a road map.
Garden & Be Well,             XO Tara
Exciting times, their brown brick home with brown shutters will soon be WHITE !
Pic Litchfield Hills, lost provenance of photographer.


Jean Campbell said...

Amazing what a grubbed out path adds to a scene. When things get too overgrown, I ask for a 54" cut through the mass and suddenly an old woman's garden is manageable again.

Pinterest has made tracing ownership of a photo virtually impossible now.

Terry said...

I so with you on this, as a kid loved taking the lawnmower into the tall weeds to make a path.