Saturday, August 24, 2013

Before + After: Path & Hedges

Hedges + paths are designed, and installed, before the borders.  Hedges + paths are the backbone-skeleton-workhorses of the garden.

Hedges + paths, above, 2 years ago.

Yesterday, above/below, with borders filled-in.

Follow this garden design rule and you'll save labor-money-time.
TIME, more important than labor-money.  No person can manufacture more time.
Garden & Be Well,   XO Tara
Bottom 2 pics taken at jobsite yesterday, top pic taken 2 years ago.


Catherine Donaldson said...

We did something very similar in our tiny front yard- removed the lawn and behind boxwood used hydrangea, hosta and astilbe- it's stunning and the talk (literally) of the neighbourhood- added some dwarf blueberries at the back this year. My only additional comment is that there must be in ground sprinkling established or TIME becomes an issue. we we inexperienced and chose not to install one and it can take me 45 minutes to adequately quench the beds. An aside- can you tell me what variety of boxwood you've planted in this garden?

Bruce Barone said...


Anonymous said...

And people either want to know such a "Secret" to having that, or ask/demand me to do something that will not work. So easy...or is it?

La Contessa said...

The ROOSTER is the focal point!I learned that from Penelope's POST!

Mommabelle said...

I just found your lovely blog! I just love all the beautiful photo's I've seen on here so far! I will be bookmarking this for sure!
We moved to a hundred year old house three years ago, and the work seems endless at times. Your designs are inspring!